The Effectiveness of Allergy Shots in Texas

Allergy shots, AKA ‘Allergen Immunotherapy’, is a set of treatments designed to provide improvement of several allergies. If you have severe allergy symptoms that interfere with your daily life, then your allergist may recommend you have these shots. These shots are highly effective in treating allergies including grass, trees, molds, feathers, pet dander, stinging insects, and more.

By taking these shots, many experience symptom relief. However, these treatments require a long-term commitment to work efficiently over time. You can consult a reliable allergist like Dr. Long to learn all about allergy shots and if they are a good option for you. To book a consultation, you can call him at 254-773-8916 or (254) 432-5945. 

Good Candidates for these shots

To reap benefits from this treatment, you need to commit time as this requires frequent injections at your doctor’s office.  These shots are appropriate for those who are suffering from allergic asthma, eye allergies, insect allergies, and allergic rhinitis. 

Even if you experience severe allergy symptoms throughout the year and your medication is not showing an effect, you may still be the right candidate for these shots. The minimum age to get these shots is five years old because children below 5 are unable to tell if they are experiencing any discomfort or side effects. These shots are not recommended for pregnant women or those having severe asthma or heart disease.

How to Prepare for Allergy Shots?

Before you decide to start allergy shots, you’ll need a complete evaluation for allergies. This helps your doctor find the primary cause of your symptoms. Allergy testing consists of skin pricking. During this test, your doctor will prick your skin from your forearm or your back with different types of allergens to find the main culprit. 

If you are looking to get the right testing and treatment with allergy shots, get in touch with an allergist like Dr. Long. With his expertise, he provides the proper treatment for any sort of allergy. You can book a consultation, and he’ll guide you with the best treatment for your condition. 

How do Allergy Shots work?

The process of allergy shots is quite simple. The entire process works much like taking a vaccine that contains a small amount of allergen. It allows your body to produce new antibodies to combat invasive substances. The shots improve the way immune system substances and cells function against allergens. Successful immunotherapy plays a vital role in fighting off allergens and reduces the symptoms. The main aim of allergen shots is to lessen the allergy symptoms that you are allergic to. 

When it comes to allergy shots, it is vital to stay on schedule. In the case where several weeks have passed since you get your last shot, please speak to Dr. Long and his staff as soon as possible.

Correct Schedule of the Shots

There are two stages for this therapy. One is the build-up phase, and the other is the maintenance phase. Let’s have a look at these phases in detail.

  1. Build-up phase: This phase starts with a low dose injection, and then over time, it builds to a higher dose of allergens. This phase lasts from six to ten months, depending on how often you require them. For venom therapy, this build-up phase lasts for ten months. 
  2. Maintenance Phase: This phase begins when you reach your ‘effective therapeutic dose.’ During this phase, a patient will get allergy shots less often, typically every three to four weeks.

Benefits of Allergy Shots

  • You require fewer allergy medicines
  • Your allergies could be cured
  • In general, you may feel better
  • You will miss less work because you may be sick less often

Harker Heights Allergy and Temple Allergy offer a wide assortment of treatment options in Harker Heights, TX, and Temple, TX. These treatment options include allergy shots and medications. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Long, the allergy specialist, to better understand which treatments suit you. Visit his clinic in Temple or Harker Heights by calling on (254) 773-8916 or (254) 432-5945.