Allergy Treatment and Relief for Children & Adults in Temple, Texas

Does My Child Need to See an Allergist or Allergy Doctor?

There are plenty of articles on the web about how to diagnose and treat various allergies and allergic symptoms, but a tried and true method to successfully treat your allergy symptoms and find relief is to consult with a trained medical allergy practitioner who can advise you on your specific condition.

Every person’s allergic reactions and conditions is going to be slightly different and Dr. Long and his team have been helping people can a handle on their allergic reactions and symptoms for over 30 years.

There are hundreds of allergens in Texas which can cause irritating reactions in the body. To properly detect these allergens and the body’s reaction, a series of simple tests can be performed to see which of them is affecting you or your child.

Knowing is half the battle, so to speak. Once Dr. Long and his team have properly diagnosed the allergens affecting the body, a proper treatment can be implemented and put into place.

Please feel free to call our Allergy Clinic to discuss you or your child’s allergy symptoms:

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What Questions Help Diagnose Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms?

In addition to tests done in Dr. Long’s Temple, Texas Allergy Clinic (or Harker Heights, TX), there are a few questions you can begin to answer so that you are able to give Dr. Long and his team the full picture of your child’s history with allergies:

  1. When are the allergies the worst? When do you see the allergies flare up most intensely or frequently?
  2. Does your child have asthma or eczema?
  3. Are there known foods that your child is allergic to?

These are a few of the questions it can be helpful to have answers for when assessing your child’s allergies and possible allergy treatment plans.

Give our allergy clinic a call to discuss all of your options:

Temple Texas Allergy Clinic: 254-773-8916

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What Will Treatment for My Children’s Allergies Look Like in Temple, Texas?

When working with Dr. Long and his team to help diagnose and treat your children’s allergy symptoms, it’s important to start with a strong baseline of foundational information.

This information is collected via a series of simple and easy tests done in our Temple, Texas Allergy Clinic (or our Harker Heights Allergy Clinic).

Tests and Treatments for Children’s Allergy Symptoms in Temple, Texas Include:

  • Skin allergy tests to determine which allergic elements affect you or your child
  • Immunology shots
  • Foods or nutrients you or your child are deficient in (not getting enough)
  • Proper home and personal hygiene to improve allergy symptoms
  • Various natural allergy remedies you can pair with professional treatment
  • Any prescription drugs, inhalers, or other devices that can provide long-term relief

To discuss you or your children’s allergy symptoms, feel free to call someone on our team in our Temple, Texas Allergy Clinic or Harker Heights, Allergy Clinic:

Temple Texas Allergy Clinic: 254-773-8916

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We look forward to speaking with you!